MANHATTAN, N.Y.–The New York Post is hilarious AND informative.
Brazenly tabloid, the no B.S. newspaper is dropped at the door here at the Bryant Park Hotel and makes for perfect breakfast reading. Today I learned:

  • That former Edmonton Oiler Mike Comrie–who just married Hilary Duff over the weekend in Santa Barbara–is heir to the family that owns Canadian retail giant The Brick. Page Six sez Camerie’s family fortune is worth $500 mil. That’s a lot of brick!
  • That Laurence Fishburne’s daughter Montana is becoming a porn star and daddy is steamed that she’s using her real last name. Would you piss off Laurence Fishburne?
  • That Conan O’Brien was not recently in Manhattan with Maury Povich and Connie Chung. The comedian responded to a Page Six item saying they spotted him by tweeting, “Who ever’s impersonating me–aim higher.”

TV critic Linda Stasi also filed her report from Monday’s set visit to The Good Wife with more details about the oral sex scene kerfuffle (reported here at TVFMF in an earlier post). Stasi identifies veteran AP TV columnist David Bauder as the reporter who asked the “research” question that set off Julianna Margulies. Bauder, filing for the more conservative wire service, made no mention of the sex talk misunderstanding in his report. The Post’s gloriously unsubtle headline: “Below the belt: Star gets hot & bothered about sex scene that’ll make history.”
CBS would love to lower the median age of the audience of The Good Wife and all this sex talk could help when the show returns Sept. 28.
The Post also had news Scott Cann had ripped up his knee doing stunts on the set of Hawaii FIVE-O. Hell of a read, this Post. If the Toronto Sun needs a tabloid blueprint, here it is.
Best feature was on casting for the film version of “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.” Virtual unknown Rooney Mara won the part and here’s how The Post instantly dismissed the also rans: “Scarlett Johansson: Too Busy. Anne Hathaway: Too princessy. Evan Rachel Wood: Too Obvious. Ellen Page: Too Asexual. Allison Pill: Too Theater-y. Emma Watson: Too Hermione.”
Too funny.

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