Hoping to run into Pampero Firpo as I make my way down to Argentina today. The “Wild Bull of the Pampas” would be right at home at the site of Wipeout Canada, which is apparently located somewhere in suburban Buenos Aires. Global is flying a few Canadian journalists (do the bean counters at Shaw know about this?) down to see our finest compete in the rock ’em, sock ’em reality show. All the various international Wipeout‘s shoot on the same colourful obstacle course. Finally this is our chance to show the world we can take a shot to the nuts and do a face plant in the mud as well as contestants from around the world. We’ve arrived, Canada!
Never having been south of the equator before (geographically-speaking), I have no idea how this Interwebby thing will work so expect postings to be a little spotty over the next several days. Vaya con dios!

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