The big scare earlier this year with The Simpsons was that it might be shutting down production at the end of this season. Voice actor contracts resolved, the annual Halloween special, this year titled Treehouse of Horror XXII (Sunday at 8 on Fox and Global) is far less frightening (although it is slightly unsettling that the episode actually appears before Halloween this year).
The best part is the opening gag where Homer falls into a crevice. Aaron Ralson, the real-life dude whose story of survival was told in the film 127 Hours, lends a hand (as it were).
The first Halloween story, “The Diving Bell and the Butterball,” is a goof on the film The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. Did anybody see that film? Will anybody get the joke? D’oh!
There are plenty of fart jokes, however, so it should be universally understood.
Part II, “Dial D for Diddly,” is a parody of Dexter starring Ned Flanders. There are several nice little touches, like blood splatters on a Jackson Pollack painting (improving it) and Mr. Burns head growing a third eye after it is tossed into a lake polluted by his own nuclear waste. There is even a brief, hilarious homage to the classic Chuck Jones Road Runner cartoons. The late Mrs. Flanders even makes a surprise cameo.
Part III, “In The Na’Vi,” is a parody of Avatar. As the 18-year-old said, “Didn’t that movie come out three years ago?”
As usual, it all hails from “Bat” Groening, James L. “What Isn’t Scary?” Brooks, etc.

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  1. In watching the original Twilight Zone series this past month, I was astounded by HOW MANY treehouse of horror segments were derived from that show.
    I wouldn’t mind having a Simpsons borrowed DVD set of Twilight Zone.

    The deadman’s shoes [Snake’s hair] which take over the wearer.
    The child and dad lost in an extra dimension.
    The kid who wishes his dad as a spring puppet.
    The alien, free UFO trip, cookbook.

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