Age before beauty in 25th Survivor finale

Nice to see Michael Skupin make it all the way to the final three on Sunday night’s season finale of Survivor. The 51-year-old did a face plant into a fire pit nearly 12 years ago on the second edition of Survivor and had to be airlifted out of the Australian outback. For some reason, he was passed over time and again in previous Survivor All-Star or “Fans vs. Favourites” rounds.
He was back for this 25th edition, however, and showed he still had plenty of game left in him. So did former TV starlet Lisa Whelchel and sex therapist Denise Stapley as a trio of Plus-40 contestants comprised the Final Three. Check out who won overall plus who won the $100,000 fan bonus cheque in this recap I filed for The Toronto Star.

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