Videocast: sharing insights with Media man Marc Berman

mirmir_032918-LPASADENA, Calif.–On these TCA press tours, I always look forward to hanging with my old pal Marc Berman from TVMedia Insights. Marc carries more TV trivia in his head than a busload of network executives. He also has a better handle on ratings than anybody else on tour. Earlier this press tour we got together to yak on one of Marc’s daily videocasts. If you’vet got 10 minutes you can watch our shtick here. A second videocast will go up in a few days.

2 Responses to “Videocast: sharing insights with Media man Marc Berman”

  1. Dan Brintnell

    Hey Bill Jimmys friend from Exeter here,it looks like a real crappy fall lineup,gonna try Quantico and Blindspot, any thing else worth watching

    • Bill Brioux

      I liked The Grinder and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and that was about it from the networks this fall Dan. Check out the Fall Preview reviews I’ll be posting on Friday.


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