Man, that Slawko Klymkiw has pull in high places. The executive director of the Canadian Film Centre had the skies part and the rain stop for Sunday’s annual CFC BBQ, held as usual out at the old E.P. Taylor Winfields estate in uptown Toronto.

The skies threatened but the rain held off throughout the outdoor event. It literally started raining again as the many cars parked on the rolling lawns of the CFC campus started inching back onto Bayview Avenue.

Spotted many of the usual suspects at the Toronto International Film Festival event, including ever vital CFC founder Norman Jewison (left). Jewison, of course, directed the Tony Curtis feature 40 Pounds of Trouble, a treasured part of the TVFMF 16mm film collection. (Told I had a print of his first film, Jewison once begged me to burn it.) Gordon Pinsent and actress/daughter Leah Pinsent, Kathleen Robertson, Tara Spencer-Nairn and Deborah Kara Unger all made the scene.
As did Oscar-winning screenwriter Paul Haggis (right), who was working the press scrums up on the patio. Barb Williams, Global’s programmig v.p. and a CFC board member, was hangin’ with the film crowd as was David Kines, ex GM of MuchMusic and now producing the Gemini Awards, among other ventures.
Comedians Colin Mochre and wife Deb McGrath made the scene as did star of The Listener, Craig Olejnik.
Ontario’s Minister of Tourism and Culture, Michael Chan, announced a $9 million funding injection for the CFC, which has 40 alumni involved with films at this year’s fest. 
The Tokyo Police Club squeezed in a quick set, which went down well with the crowd in line at the Lick’s burger pit. (One quibble: it’s called a barbecue. Where’s the ribs?) 
Among the goodies on offer at a well-stocked silent auction was a portrait by Carole Freeman, who painted the “If the paparazzi could paint” portrait of TIFF visitor Robert De Niro (left). Funds raised went toward CFC programs. The place is also getting a bricks and mortar upgrade with on going construction fore and aft the stately Taylor digs.
The groundskeeper was probably pretty happy that the Mighty 2000 Neon had gone to the big oil slick in the sky. Still, TVFMF’s Last Century Lumina seemed very Brampton among the Beemers and Benz’s. Among the field full of cars were several wheels that just had to  let you know they were driven by film folk.
MONDAY AT TIFF: A peek inside the new Bell Lightbox at the dedication of the Brian Linehan Research Library.

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