This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson wanted to know what I was up to this week in Vancouver. Told him I was invited by Showcase to the set of their new sci-fi cop drama Continuum, which premieres May 27.
Continuum stars spunky Rachel Nichols (G.I. Joe) as a kick-ass cop from the year 2077 who gets zapped back to 2012 along with some criminals on death row.

Rachel Nichols stars in Continuum

The series blurs the good guy-bad guy barrier with governments being replaced in the future by corporations. Hey, isn’t that happening now?
Scott also asked if the premiere of the movie blockbuster The Hunger Games put a dent in TV ratings. It did, particularly last Friday night, when it set a one day box office record of eleventy billion-million dollars. That was also the night Fringe returned after a few months on Fox and only 2.8 million viewers were counted in the overnights, about half what Fox had hoped for. Seems a lot of Fringe fans wanted to be first in line for The Hunger Games.
We also discuss the fifth season premiere of Mad Men, particularly the sexy dance number performed by Jessica Pare. We both agreed she can clean our houses anytime.
You can listen in here.

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