CHCH_logo_2010Anyone remember Utopia? Selfie? Marry Me?

These stinkers came and went in the fall 2014 TV carnage. Utopia was supposed to be the next big thing in reality from the folks behind The Amazing Race. It promised smart people working together over a year to build a better world. Instead we got Big Brother goes camping.

I was asked to vent about these stinkers and proclaim what worked best on TV in 2014 over at CHCH’s Morning Live. I told Tim Bolen I loved this season of Louie, thought Transparent was the best new show Canadians haven’t seen and that Gotham worked for me because it isn’t really a super hero series. If you’ve got eight minutes to kill you can watch the entire scintillating segment here.

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  1. Alicia O (Ally Oop) Reply

    There is just way too many tv shows on the air now. It’s like having a big library of books to choose from with the knowledge that there’s a library downtown with a few different books but because your library had so many books you don’t see the need to spend the gas money and go across town. I personally, don’t have HBO or Superchannel so I missed out on shows like Game of Thrones and True Detective. And until recently, Bell didn’t have FX Canada (just noticed it the other day on my guide) so shows like Fargo I missed out on. Also, these new Shomi and Crave TV services I just cant justify subscribing to in additional to my current cable package. I agree with much of what you said regarding new fall shows. However, I will say the poorly-titled Selfie, turned out to be fairly good, especially towards the end–the timeslot doomed it from the start and I think ABC made a big mistake cancelling Trophy Wife the year before which is in the same slot. New comedies need good comedy leadins and it’s unfortunate when good comedies never have a shot to succeed due to poor scheduling. New comedy, Fresh off the Boat, which I like the look of, gets that same troubled Tuesday slot and I think it’ll be toast if ABC doesn’t have realistic expectations.

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