S1L-CartazLucifer premieres Monday night on Fox and CTV (9 p.m. ET/PT). The devil you say?

Well, yes, sort of. Charming Welshman Tom Ellis plays Lucifer, aka Satan, The Devil, The Donald, all those other names.

Based on the DC comic books, the series is shot in Vancouver, or Hell if you are trying to break into the local housing market. Vancouver stands in for Los Angeles, where Lucifer has moved because he is bored with Hell. Now that’s bored! In LA he runs a nightclub called Lux. He also becomes a consultant to the LAPD where he gets his kicks busting criminals.

So, basically Satan, PD. Procedural Hell.

I was on the set in early December with a few other journalists. Ellis, 37, is an unpretentious bloke and an intriguing leading man who doesn’t take himself or the series too seriously. His father, sister and uncle are all church ministers. Holy Hell!

On some sets, this chair is reserved for visiting network executives

Reporters spoke with Ellis at “Casa Mia,” a private estate often used in movies and TV shows; the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” shot there and they still haven’t changed the sheets.


We watched Ellis work through a walk-and-talk with co-star Lauren German (Chicago Fire), who plays the no-nonsense detective Lucifer partners up with. Everything seemed to be in focus and well lit.

Earlier the press was shown through Lucifer’s private digs. There was plenty of whisky in his well stocked bar. The bed was made for sinnin’. His nightclub set–a few steps away–was a tad ’80s, or maybe just seemed that way since it had been since then since I was in one.

I’ll have more on Ellis and Lucifer in a future post as soon as I link it up with a press piece.

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