The Mekong Delta River Boys Quartet (l-r): Mark O’Neill, Jim Quan, Jim Slotek and moi

Now it can be told: I was in Vietnam in May with The Amazing Race Canada. I was fortunate to travel with CTV’s Jim Quan, my ol’ Sun shooter pal Mark O’Neill–the series’ in-house stills photographer–and my other ol’ Sun Ent pal Jim Slotek. We were flown to Taiwan on a 15-hour flight and then on to Ho Chi Minh City via Eva Air (recommended). Then an unforgettable week in a land so foreign to me, yet so basically familiar, that the world both shrank and opened up all at once.

Did you know the currency in Vietnam is dong? No dong! Also “Cam-on” means thank you. Cam-on!

Next Tuesday’s third episode of this current forth season (8 p.m. ET, CTV) will find the nine remaining teams heading to the Mekong Delta. I’ll be posting my own diary of events here, but follow this link to an account I wrote for The Canadian Press detailing some of the hurdles involved in mounting the production. One example, courtesy executive producer John Brunton: there’s a big difference between electrolytes and “electric lights.” No dong!


  1. Bill Sandford Reply

    Actually, Mark doesn’t look like he needs to suck in anything. Vietnamese food must agree with him, not to mention all the other exotic cuisine he has been tasting.

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