Kevin Reilly


PASADENA, Calif. — Wednesday at TCA ended with a session on the next big streaming service: HBO Max. The venture is backed by the full power of Warner Bros. Studios and all its subsidiaries. It comes with everything from “Casablanca” to Cartoon Swim. The service launches in May – but not in Canada. Too many

Spotting network executives at TCA press tour sessions is getting so rare, especially in winter, they may soon wind up on the side of milk cartons. There was speculation at the Langham this week that the person inside the full body gila monster suit who stood silently (and briefly) besides the panel members for the

Reilly demonstrates how to eat an In ‘n Out burger PASADENA, CA–Kevin Reilly had so much to announce at Monday’s Fox executive session he actually brought out an egg timer to try and get it all in.He set it for five minutes. When it went off he set it again.“TV is 2014 is pretty cool,”

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.–Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly came out swinging at Thursday’s TCA press tour, with charts and graphs showing his network hasn’t slipped as far as CBS CEO Leslie Moonves suggests.Moonves was here a few days ago and dissed Fox, saying he always knew those years of A18-49 dominance would end once “Idol crashed”

Kevin Bacon (left), with Fox programming chief Kevin Reilly at Tuesday night’s Fox TCA press tour party Usually at this time of year I’m completely immersed in the winter Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, Ca. The bi-annual TV industry confab gets slammed as the “Batan Death March with cocktails” but it really is the