Shocker! CRTC orders Murdoch back to City

OTTAWA–The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission ruled Tuesday that the popular series Murdoch Mysteries must cease airing on CBC and return “where it belongs” to City TV stations across Canada. The Shaftesbury production was canceled three years ago on Rogers-owned City but then CBC swooped in and rescued the series. Ever since transitioning to CBC, Murdoch… Read on

The Best TV Shows of 2014: U.S. and Canadian critics weigh in

“Polls are for dogs.” Not sure who said it first–John Diefenbaker, or maybe Harry Trueman–but that’s how I feel, especially when it comes to polls about television. I used to hate it every December when then-entertainment editor John Kryk would ask us to do our Top 10 lists at the Toronto Sun. I understood why… Read on

The week in Canada: November 3 – 9

This was a quieter than usual week, with some reruns slotted in as the U.S. networks headed into the November sweeps. The numbers below are overnight estimates for the week of November 3 to 9, adults 2+. MONDAY Gotham remains bat-strong drawing 1,690,000 in the overnights. I’m guessing the next two were repeats on CTV: Law… Read on

The week in Canada: Oct. 27 – Nov. 2

The World Series, municipal elections, Wallendas walking across Chicago skyscrapers (above)–it’s not just The Walking Dead rocking broadcast schedules these days. In the States, shows are finally getting canceled, with three comedies (Bad Judge, A to Z and Manhattan Love Story) and one reality show (Utopia) getting axed. Here’s a look at the overnight estimates for… Read on

Murdoch’s 100th brightens CBC’s embattled attrium

Thanks to all the fans who came out to the 100th episode screening of Murdoch Mysteries Monday night in Toronto. The screening saw 1000 fans lined up around the block outside CBC’s Broadcast Centre. There were so many on the sidewalk passers by assumed it was a witness express line for former Q interns. Inside, the atrium screening was… Read on

Wedding bells ring out for Murdoch Mysteries 100th episode

Just a few years ago, Murdoch Mysteries was deader than Jian Ghomeshi at a meeting of Intern parents. That was back when City walked away from the series after five seasons. Now it is CBC’s most-watched scripted series and one of the highest-rated dramas in Canada. It could also be Canada’s Top TV export, sold to… Read on

The week in Canada: Oct. 13 – 19

Some early successes in the Canadian prime time ratings race may have to be tempered with U.S. results. Fox seems to be in free fall, with only Gotham on steady ground. Don’t count on a full season of Gracepoint, for example, no matter how well it does on Global. The impact of Rogers’ NHL deal… Read on

MIPCOM: come to buy shows, stay for the speakers

CANNES,  France–Once it ends, MIPCOM gets ripped down faster than a “Ford for Mayor” banner on Queen West. At the crack of four, workers began dismantling booths and carting away all the hype. The free WiFi got yanked around 16:05 CET. Basically thanks for coming, now get the hell to the airport, touristes. The four… Read on