Comedy Stars Unite–For Me To Poop On! –

Sunday’s Night Of Too Many Stars (‘An Overbooked Benefit for Autism Education”) had not too many laughs. The opening was shockingly inept, with camera missing cues and performers missing marks. Didn’t anybody get the memo about rehearsals? Ben Stiller’s entrance was all off camera. Rosie O’Donnell in particular did nothing to put out the flames on her career. With Jon Stewart as host, it all played like a bloated episode of The Daily Show, despite a parade of comedy headliners which included Conan O’Brien, Stephen Colbert, Sarah Silverman, Will Arnett, Tina Fey and Martin Short.
Tried to embed a clip or two earlier with no success. Even the embedding codes are disorganized for this thing! Follow these links to see Short and Colbert make with the shtick. God I miss SCTV.
Steve Carell’s taped bit where he binged on booze and cake was silly funny, at least. Perhaps the only other stand out was O’Brien’s pet puppet Triumph The Insult Comedy Dog. Puppeteer Robert Smigel may have been more motivated than most. His son has autism. To donate to the cause, follow this link.

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