Glad We Had This Time Together

What a week. “Captain” Jack Duffy, Earle Hagen, Dick Martin, Sidney Pollack, now Harvey Korman. The guy who couldn’t keep a straight face on The Carol Burnett Show passed away Thursday in Los Angeles. He was 81.Check out his obit here in the Los Angeles Times and, if they haven’t corrected it yet, check out… Read on

Four In A Row For American Idol

The final 2007-08 TV season ratings are in. Here is a link to the Top-20 U.S. network shows of the year as well as a link to the Top-20 demo hits.The finish line for the annual ratings race, tracked since 1950 by Nielsen, is generally regarded as the end of the May Sweeps. American Idol… Read on

This Just In: CBC Run By Heels

A colleague called me out on a comment I made a post or two back about CBC executive director of network programming Kirstine Layfield (left). She objected to the way I described her at CBC’s 2008 press launch Monday. I think the offending line was “kittenish programming mistress.”Looking back the line may have been a… Read on

TV Music Man Earle Hagen Dies at 88

Earle Hagen, composer of The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Andy Griffith Show themes, died Monday in Los Angeles. He was 88, which is a sweet number to reach if you are a composer, especially if you play the piano (88 keys). Read his L.A. Times obit here. A former big band trombonist, Hagen… Read on

Maltin Helps Spread Rumours

Author, film historian and long time Entertainment Tonight correspondent Leonard Maltin just posted a mini-review of my book Truth and Rumors: The Reality Behind TV’s Most Famous Myths. You can read it here on his engrossing blog for film fans, Leonard Maltin’s Movie Crazy.Maltin’s love of movies and pop culture in general is infectious and… Read on

CBC Goes From Momentum to Jeopardy

Ever have to throw a party when you are broke? You drag out last year’s decorations, serve warmed-over appetizers. If you spend anywhere you spend it on a snazzy pair of new red shoes. That was CBC’s 2008-09 season preview yesterday, held in the echo-y atrium of the Toronto bunker. What is left of the… Read on

Say Goodnight, Dick

I have a real affection for comedy duos. Laurel & Hardy and Abbott & Costello always make me laugh. Wayne & Shuster were the dudes in Canada, while the Two Ronnies, Morecambe and Wise and Peter Cook and Dudley Moore were a stitch in England. Stiller & Meara and Nichols and May, took things in… Read on

Departure Day for Denis And Gray

Marilyn Denis fans will want to catch today’s CityLine (Citytv at 10 a.m.). After 19 years, it is her final show as host. In the past, when CityLine needed a face lift, Denis would simply go out and get one! Not this time. Denis was caught in a corporate tug of war after CTV gobbled… Read on