Huron Your Own, Again

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m back on cottage time. The August long weekend approaches, and I’m sorry, but, the call of the lake is greater than the call of the blog.If you are looking for something serious to watch this weekend, PBS is rerunning The Forgetting: A Portrait of Alzheimer’s… Read on

Hey, Scrote–Idiocracy Kicks Ass

One of the delights of press tour is bumping into actors who you just saw in something terrific. Ran into Terry Crews at the CBS/CW party last week and, while he’s exactly right as the hard ass dad on Everybody Hates Chris (heading into its fourth season), all I wanted to talk to him about… Read on

Newspaper Feeds My Family

I’ve got two stories in my new favorite newspaper, the Toronto Star. The first is the front of the Saturday Entertainment section, a report off the press tour on all the Canadians on new U.S. network shows this fall. Rob Salem sez they usually call it the Frostback feature. At the Sun we just called… Read on

Dollhouse a Relaxing Retreat for Weary Critics

Wish I was in Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse meditation room right now.Tuesdays tour of the enormous set–one of five studio production visits crammed into the final day of press tour–was both cool and cruel. After a grueling TCA, with three weeks of network sessions crammed into two, it would have been nice to kick back and… Read on

Flashpoint Week Three: Settling In

Despite a CSI lead in (those summer reruns aren’t the draw they used to be), CBS’s move to Thursday night did little to boost Flashpoint‘s U.S. ratings in Week Three. The Toronto-produced thriller scored 6.7 million viewers last night, down slightly from Week Two (7.1 million), which was down 13% from Week One (8.13 million).Still,… Read on

Goodnight From The Beverly Hilton

LOS ANGELES–Today is getaway day here at the TCA press tour, and what have we learned? Some random thoughts.1. Jay Leno is not an attractive bald man.2. Howie Mandell is an attractive bald man, but he bobble head doll is a little creepy.3. A network that sells toasters which burn imprints of Star Wars characters… Read on

Wells: Fox Out Of Intelligence

LOS ANGELES–Executive producer John Wells confirms that Fox has passed on Intelligence, the CBC drama he was re-developing as an American series with creator Chris Haddock (Da Vinci’s Inquest).“We developed it at Fox, they have passed on it and we’re taking it to other places because it’s a great script,” said Wells, interviewed on the… Read on

Flashpoint flash

Flashpoint‘s second episode drew 7.1 million U.S. viewers, Friday night, down about a million from the CBS premiere one week before. Still healthy and respectable for a Friday night in July, says Mediaweek’s Programming Insider Marc Berman.