This is brilliant. Spotted over at Denis McGrath’s Dead Things ON Sticks. Too funny.

This Hour Has 22 Minutes returns Sept. 30 at 8:30 p.m., and, yeah, as McGrath suggests and as this timely, razor-sharp clip demonstrates, CBC should have ponied up to move Mercer, This Hour and Air Farce back sooner to goof on the two big elections. NBC hustled Saturday Night Live back earlier than usual, with new episodes running straight through to the U.S. election. 22 Minutes sniper Mark Critch and company should be taking aim now, not with two weeks left in the campaign.
UPDATE: This Hour Has 22 Minutes executive producer/writer Mark Farrell–who also points out his show will get THREE cracks, not two, at the candidates before the general election–emailed a few details about the timely Gerry Ritz sketch. As soon as news broke Thursday morning that the Agriculture Minister had made a couple of tasteless cracks about the listeriosis health crisis, Farrell assembled his writers who cranked out a beaut on the spot. Critch was pulled out of a hammock and the bit was shot that afternoon. Farrell uploaded it straight to YouTube Friday morning, figuring this boob Ritz would be sacked within hours. (He wasn’t–after apologizing, he’s STILL Harper’s Minister of Agriculture.)
Farrell is pumped about the new season, especially after 22 Minutes comedienne Geri Hall was handcuffed and hauled away after swooning over the PM on the election trail. “We like when we approach the PM and get put into handcuffs,” says Farrell. “We think that shows most viewers out there that we are not too cosy with the power elite.” Maybe, but I find the cuffs burn and leave marks after a while. Check out the return of This Hour Has 22 Minutes Tuesday, Sept. 30 at 8:30 p.m.

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