Fox press tour party a Glee-full experience

BEVERLY HILLS, CA–Fox always tries to keep things fun at press tour. Those gag photos inserting critics into cast shots, for example, have been Facebook faves the last year or two.
Cloris Leachman certain got into the spirit at the Fox all-star press tour party, climbing walls, bungee jumping and just generally living large at the Santa Monica pier. (See the previous post for just how far she jumped into things.) Fox has used the seaside California landmark as the venue for their summer press tour party for the last several years. It keeps things fun, although few stars take advantage of the carny atmosphere, certainly not the the extent that Leachman, 84, let it rip.
It’s not the best spot for working press trying to record comments on tape (the music is too loud), but it can be done. Jane Lynch (left) drew a large swarm of digital recorders when she entered the roped-off Fox party playpen (as she did when she walked the red carpet, stopping to sign autographs from fans). She missed the Fox TCA sessions earlier and shot down Ryan Murphy’s suggestion that the entire cast show up at the Emmy awards in Sue Sylvester track suits. She confirmed that Sylvester does get even meaner next season.
Montreal native Jessyln Gilsig (left) was pleased to hear her character would find her way back into the Glee mix. Murphy spilled the beans earlier that she’ll be out to make ex-hubby Will (Matthew Morrison) jealous.  “You guys know more than I do,” says Gilsig, who join family members on an Alaskan cruise earlier this summer.
Fellow Glee Canuck Cory Monteith also worked in a bit of travel and also shot a movie over Glee‘s brief hiatus. Monte Carlo also stars Selena Gomez. Monteith says the biggest perk so far from all the attention the series has received has just been the opportunity to travel all over to promote the series, including trips to Australia and Europe.
The other Glee kids seemed to still be enjoying their new found fame without turning into Hollywood divas. Mark Salling (Puck) got into the carny games on the pier, hammering away at the test of strength thingy. He’s still minus the Mohawk. Glamorous Lea Michele said the cast is still close, and have become each other’s best friends. Morrison, Chris Coffer, Jayma Mays, Kevin McHale, Amber Riley and Jenna Urshkowitz were all at the Fox press tour bash.
Photo: Barbara Binstein
House lead Hugh Laurie was not at the event(he’d been to every other one since the show started), but his boss, executive producer David Shore, did attend. The “second best writer from London, Ontario” (Shore’s own nickname for himself, deferring to two-time Oscar winner Paul Haggis) confirmed that House and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein, left) will get all kissy-face this season. The showrunner says he just couldn’t keep the two characters apart any longer. Both Shore and Edelstein, who went the glam route for the pier party in a long silver dress, say the show can survive this coupling, but things were never the same when Major Nelson tied the knot with Jeannie. And don’t get me started on Agents 86 and 99.
Shore also talked about his remake of The Rockford Files, a pilot that didn’t get picked up this season. He says the re-boot is still alive and may yet resurface one day.
Also at the party were stars from Bones, Lie to Me and the new drama Lone Star. Jon Voight (right) is among the stars of that Texas-based drama, and was brave enough to stand up on the weight guess scales at the pier, a stunt not even Leachman went near.

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