Dugay (left) with Exeter legend Jim Allison

Tonight, the puck drops on the second of four episodes of the new documentary series 24/7 (10 p.m., HBO and HBO Canada). These episodes feature the New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers, the two teams that will meet for the NHL Winter Classic Game Jan. 2 in Philly.
To launch the series, HBO Canada threw a bash last week at the crazy cool Real Sports bar next to the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. On hand were two former members of the two teams involved: Dave “The Hammer” Schultz, who busted heads for the Broad Street Bullies in their Stanley Cup-winning ’70s glory, and Ron Duguay, who was a fan favourite at Madison Square Gardens.
Learned that “The Duguay” is still what NHLers call it when a player scans for hot babes in the stands in the pre-game warm up. The shaggy-haired skater was in his full Disco Stu regalia at the HBO event, and laughed when I repeated one of Leafs radio broadcaster/banquet funnyman Jim Ralph best jokes: Did you know Ron Duguay was one of the toughest players in the NHL? First year he was in the league, he put six people in the hospital–five maternity!
The series, which covered the Penguins and the Capitals the first season (with former Caps coach Bruce Boudreau emerging as the potty-mouthed star), follows the two teams in real time; in other words, each week you can track how they did over the past seven days. Definitely worth a look.

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