Jaffer (left) and Coach: Their purple moment

Talk about harsh reality. Murtz Jaffer’s Reality Obsessed returns to TVTropolis tonight for a third season–smack opposite the finals of the World Junior Hockey Championships.
As noted here before, the WJHC, especially with Canada in the final (facing Russia), is the Death Star of Canadian TV, crushing everything in its path.
Never fear, says the man who bills himself as “the world’s foremost reality TV expert.” Jaffer’s show starts at 7 p.m. That hockey thing doesn’t get going until 7:30 (on TSN).
Reality Obsessed is basically Murtz as everyfan being thrown into all kinds of reality show situations. Season Three finds Murtz well outside his comfort zone, out of the hot tubs and onto the high wires, facing all kinds of physical challenges. One biggie was zip lining, achieved in the hills a few hours north of Los Angeles.
There’s more of Murtz facing a So You Think You Can Dance style challenge, this time to a ballroom beat.
As always, Murtz hangs with plenty of his reality show pals, Survivor headliners such as Boston Rob and Coach (above).
As for the future of reality TV, Murtz sees no end on sight. He predicts the next Celebrity Apprentice will be a doozy. Unhinged actor Gary Busey is rumoured to be among the contestants, as is Jose Canseco and Meat Loaf.
Murtz is not sure about this new wrinkle in Survivor, with “Redemption Island” giving booted contestants a second chance to get back in the game. Murtz is a firm believer in the original, when you’re out, you’re out game play. Still, he cheers any plan to get Boston Rob back into the Mark Burnett game opera. Rob and evil dude Russell are both rumoured to get a little face time on the 22nd edition of Survivor, which begins in February.
As for the continued popularity of The Amazing Race, which topped the ratings for a few weeks in Canada this fall, Murtz says it is simply an exciting way to see the world, one of those well-produced TV shows folks who would never watch a minute of any other reality show wouldn’t miss.  Sounds like an explanation to us.

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