Avgeropoulos (left) with co stars at The CW press tour session for The 100

PASADENA, CA–Marie Avgeropoulos was all glammed up on stage at press tour, but she gets down and dirty on The 100. The apocalyptic sci-fi drama comes to The CW in March.
“It’s such a dark show, especially for this network,” she said on stage after her press tour session earlier this week. “None of us have changed our clothes all season long, but none of us look like this. It’s very dark, very edgy and not for everybody.”
It’s also not on a Canadian network so far–despite the fact it’s shot in Canada (Vancouver) and features Avgeropoulos, a native of Thunder Bay, Ont. Then again, The CW is already a Canadian network if content, production locations and talent is the yardstick.
More on young Avgeropoulos and The 100 here in this story I wrote for The Canadian Press.

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