It’s Jeff Goldblum’s world — we just live in it.

That’s pretty much the premise behind The World According to Jeff Goldblum, a new reality documentary series now up and streaming on just launched Disney +.

Goldblum, of course, is the ever stylish actor familiar to millions from The Lost World film franchise but also from such films as “The Fly,” “The Big Chill” and “Independence Day.” The 67-year-old Pennsylvania native is also a jazz pianist and has made a career out of being effortlessly cool.

Which is part of the kick here as he takes viewers on half hour adventures of discovery. Each episode is a different topic. “Denim” is all about blue jeans. Why the studs? How come they’re blue? Jeff finds out, and so do we. “Sneakers” finds him trying on all kinds of colourful trainers and having a pricey pair designed just for him. “Tattoos” is about… well, you get the idea.

The series is quirky and eccentric, just like the host. It’s a bit jarring to see it on Disney+, but that’s part of the opening day strategy for the new streaming service — there’s something for everyone on this Disney platform. If it helps, think of it as “It’s a Small World According to Jeff Goldblum.”

The series reminds me a bit of Phil Rosenthal’s more in-depth celebrity walk-a-bout, originally on PBS but now on Netflix as Somebody Feed Phil. Both men share a sense of wonder and playfulness, and do a fair bit of traveling, but Goldblum is simply way more weird. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


Watch the three minute “Ride Along Review,” above, for more on Goldblum’s world. Come on, you’ve got three minutes. And hit the subscribe button at the end!

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