Only eight shows cracked a million viewers in the latest Numeris list of Top-30 draws in English Canada television totals.

The May 25-31 tally had The CTV Evening News as English Canada’s No. 1 show, avraging 1,742,000 viewers Monday to Friday. It was one of eight newscasts to make the list as the murder of George Floyd pushed even COVID-19 reports off the main news headlines.

Of those eight newscasts, the first five were from CTV: The aforementioned CTV Evening News; No. 5 CTV Evening News Weekend (1,346,000); No. 6 CTV National News (1,252,000); No. 10 all seven nights of the CTV Late News (904,000) and No. 18 CTV News at Five (743,000). Global had the next three in the Top-30: No. 19 Global News Hour, with a Monday to Friday average of 740,000; No. 23 Global National (690,000) and No. 25 Global News Weekend (639,000).

No CBC newscasts — or programs of any kind — made the ENG Canada Top 30 for the week.

The most-watched scripted show in ENG Canada that week was CTV’s Transplant, No. 2 overall with 1,677,000 tuning in for the first season finale. Others in the Top-5: No. 3 Who Wants to be a Millionaire (1,439,000); the only Citytv import on the list, the return of America’s Got Talent (No. 4 with 1,425,000 viewers) and CTV’s Evening News weekend edition.

Among the spring/summer replacement series, two shows imported by CTV tied at No. 7: World of Dance and Agents of SHIELD (both with 1,018,000 viewers). Global’s pick-up of The Titan Games came in 9th with 914,000 viewers.


Fewer big guns among the network offerings saw syndicated gamer Jeopardy! vault up to 13th place with an average of 798,000 viewers spread over five week nights. One Specialty network series, W’s Good Witch, cast a spell over 683,000 for a 24th place finish.

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