Season 3 of The Witcher cast a spell on Canadian and American viewers June 26 to July 2 to become the most watched Netflix series of the week in both countries. Muscles & Mayhem: An Unauthorized Story of American Gladiators premiered at No. 4, demonstrating that there is no shortage of interest in dudes jousting in spandex even in 2023. Meanwhile, Kim Cattrall’s new series Glamorous still sparkles in the Canadian Top-10 at No. 5.

Knocked out of the Top-10, both Arnold Schwarzenneger projects: FURBAR and the three-part documentary Arnold. And he said he’d be back!

On the feature film side, Chris Hemsworth’s “Extraction 2” remained the most-watched film about dentists ever on Netflix. Man, working jokes into these weekly Netlfix reports is like pulling teeth!

Here is how the entire Top-10 ranked:

JUNE 26 – JULY 2, 2023Next Week

1The Witcher: Season 31
2Catching Killers: Season 32
3Black Mirror: Season 63
4Muscles & Mayhem: An Unauthorized Story of American Gladiators: Limited Series1
5Glamorous: Season 12
6Animal Kingdom: Season 62
7Our Planet: II3
8Never Have I Ever: Season 44
9Sleeping Dog: Limited Series2
10Is It Cake?: Is It Cake, Too?1

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