Don McKellar


The late great Canadian comedian Dave Broadfoot titled his 2002 autobiography, “Old Enough to Say What I Want.” That philosophy is shared — and exploded to bits — in Hey Lady!, an edgy and hilarious new digital series premiering Friday on CBC Gem. Lady, played by Jayne Eastwood, is a 75-year-old senior who tells us

Is fog good for Sensitive Skin? This was the question Monday as reporters headed to the Toronto Islands to interview Kim Catrall and Don McKellar as they shoot Season Two of Sensitive Skin. The next six episodes of the dramedy, which airs on The Movie Network and Movie Central, will premiere in 2016. There was

The folks behind Sensitive Skin are smart. Get too wordy in a review and you wind up sounding like Al, Skin‘s wannabe downtown Toronto hipster who clings to columnist status though he’s barely a blogger. Al is played by Don McKellar, also the director of this series which premiered July 20 on HBO Canada. I was

Michael Tuesdays & Thursdays is insanely good. Smart, funny, touching at times, the CBC sitcom, which airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m., is the best new comedy of the season.Let’s get the so-well-crafted part out of the way. Just hats off to Bob Martin for a sharp, witty pilot script (“…what the hell? I am