Does Global love those new Personal People Meter numbers or what? House returned Monday night with a two hour, sixth season premiere and 4,212,000 Canadians caught it on Global according to BBM Canada’s PPM-powered overnight estimates.
Had hoped to post this video review ahead of time, but a rain delay at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport enroute to San Francisco this week grounded those plans. If you’ve TiVoed or PVR’d the House opener, you’re in for a treat. It is the latest sign that this series simply refuses to rest on its laurels. Check out the review:

Missing was Cuddy, House’s prognosis posse and the rest of the regulars in the two hour mini-movie. It was pretty much a tour de force for Laurie, who gets to shine in new surroundings.
Specifically, in a mental institution. Dr. House is told he has to get off the Vicadin, sober up and stop living off pain killers or he’ll have his licence to practice medicine yanked. He’s booked into a psych ward, shot on an elaborate set constructed just for these two episodes. The place has a bleak, institutional feel, with a cast of misfits that may put viewers in mind of the 1975 film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.
House treats the forced confinement the way he would a patient. He is rude, confrontational and completely uncooperative. He is out to circumvent the system and get back to his pill pail.
Not this time. The great Andre Braugher plays opposite Laurie as the head of the psych ward. Watching he and Laurie play mind chess is so good they could sell tickets to it. A promising start to Season Six.


  1. But don’t those ratings releases seem like more BS than usual now? 4.2 million is the headline number but that’s peak – 2.21 million is the average and the number that compares to historical ratings.

  2. Great start to a new season, I’ll have to stay with House this year (which I haven’t really done in previous seasons).

    Will you be posting a review of the Forgotten?

  3. That 4,212,000 opening House number was not peak Diane–that is the BBM Canada overnight estimated 10-11 p.m. avg number! 2,186,000 of those Global viewers were in the 25-54-year-old demo Monday night.
    And, yes, Stinger, I will post a review of The Forgotten.

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