As the anti-Bill C-10 Facebook site nears 20,000 members, the Ministry of Heritage is backpedaling faster than Roger Clemens at a lie detector test.
Yesterday, Heritage Minister Josee Vernier, who was a no-show at last night’s Genie Awards in Toronto, issued this statement on the controversy surrounding the news last week that last minute amendments had been added to Bill C-10.
“Recent media coverage has speculated about the Government’s intention to police the film industry to prevent the production of movies with provocative titles or themes like those in Eastern Promises, Borderline, or Ma fille, mon ange. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our Government is deeply committed to freedom of expression and will continue to support the creation of edgy, entertaining Canadian content.” Read the full statement here.
That’s good news, but certainly at odds with what Charles McVety, head of the Canadian Family Action Coalition, was saying yesterday on CHCH’s Live @ 5:30 in Hamilton.
For someone deeply offended by the title of the upcoming Canadian film Young People F***ing, McVety said it over and over again yesterday, even spelling it out at one point. While he admitted he had not seen the film, McVety said the title alone was all he needed to condemn the project and urge the government to disallow tax credits for productions that veer outside community standards. Young People F***ing is clearly the mantra of the CFAC as they continue to lobby the Harper government to impose a restrictive, conservative agenda upon the Canadian film and TV industry.
Vernier’s emphatic comments, however, would seem to indicate that McVety is a loose cannon who needs to put a cork in it and that the (minority) government is pulling itself well out of his pew.
McVety also said yesterday that he had read the synopses and the reviews for Young People F***ing and that they confirmed his guess that the film was objectionable.
For the record, that bible of the porn industry, The Globe and Mail, gave the romantic comedy from director Martin Gero (Stargate Atlantis) two-and-a-half stars after its Toronto International Film Festival premiere last September, suggesting that “intercourse is not the main course here. Instead, this is a literal sex comedy where laughs are sought, and often found, at every stage of the act, from ‘foreplay’ to ‘afterglow.'” Toronto Life wrote that while the film’s “salacious moniker certainly lobbies for your attention,” the film itself “is surprisingly mild.”
Hmm…lobbies for attention. Sounds more like Church People F***ing–with reporters.


  1. Hilarious. All that freaking out and they haven’t even seen the film. Well I have, and it’s very funny, and sweet, and there was more ‘smut’ on Sex And The City than in YPF.

  2. Bill, your blog is exactly what I would expect from a secular progressive. Canada’s failed TV industry is social engineering, propaganda for Canada’s liberals who are intent on turning this once great country into another Cuba. But it’s not like your blog has any influence … you only have 6 or 7 people visiting this site. Now we know why the Sun fired your ass.

  3. Multiply by 100 (get some four year old to do this for you) and you’ll have yesterday’s visitor count; TV Feeds My Family, launched in December, is already averaging 20,000 hits a month. Thanks for driving traffic here with your idiotic, one-note rants, they are providing a daily smile for secular progressives everywhere.

  4. 20,000 hits a month – wow…
    that’s a bigger number than most of the shows you promote (propagate)…
    but I think you’re overstating the number of people visiting your site, the same way you overstate the number of people who are allegedly watching MVP, Sophie, the Border and all of those other Canadian blockbusters….

    but here’s the thing Bill, you can’t derail Bill C-10, because there are too many influential types who are going to make sure it happens….
    Canadians aren’t on-side with you on this one Bill, just a lot of unemployed wannabe film-makers who expect taxpayers to finance “their dreams”…

  5. Anonymous, if that IS your real name, you are one bitter twisted cat.

    Oh wait, I know,you aren’t serious are you …. it’s a put-on right… nobody is that freaky.

    Ahhhh very well done sir.

  6. yaz 4:17 PM
    “anonymous, if that IS your real name…”

    Just as Yaz is your REAL name???

    and if rejecting the notion of big government (brother) regulating every aspect of your life – including “cultural” initiatives to indoctrinate you with secular values – if “that’s” freaky, then yes, I must be totally wacko – imagine, self reliance, not looking for a hand-out, embracing traditional family values, does that sound crazy enough for you?

    As my Mother used to say; liberalism is just an excuse for bad behavior.

  7. Hey, whaddya know! Troll moms can speak!

    By the way guys, when Rainbow Wig isn’t here he’s surfing the really, really, really freaky gay porn. Shh. Don’t tell.

  8. So anonymous … sorry my friend, it seems I was wrong and you really are a bitter twisted cat … again my apologies, … no need for you to reply, I realize my mistake.

  9. “Really Freaky Gay Porn” is the title of my next taxpayer funded film. Way to spoil it for everyone dmc.

  10. dmc 7:13 PM
    “by the way when… he’s surfing freaky gay porn”

    and when dmc isn’t here he’s eating

  11. I like how troll thinks he’s found traction. Ah rainbow. You’re so cute when you try to work away your impotence. Be sure to use lube though. You don’t want to chafe that small, useless thing.

  12. dmc 9:18 PM
    “be sure to use lube”

    Are we to understand that dmc is the voice of the Canadian cultural industries? The offensive and abusive tone of his postings are the work (which is scarce in his world) of a deranged and troubled mind.

    Go make yourself another sandwich fatso – make yourself feel better.

  13. Ha! The mouse, finding his one little missile dribbly and wet, fires again and again, wondering why he’s not destroying the target. Yet watch, the perfect combo of ad hominem attack is also cut with a whinge complaining that he’s being picked on.

    Dear Rainbow — if only you could make an argument as compelling, compassionate, and informed as, say, this one here then maybe you wouldn’t be so terribly boring.

    Now, yawn, go…have your last word. But for anyone else, when you read Henshaw’s post, keep in mind that’s how you argue with the Charles McVety’s of the world. Their sense of persecution is their power. Take that away and show some of the super baby Jesus compassion, and their empty rhetoric is exposed. Won’t change the thinking of some of the brain surgeons among them, but that’s okay. Chip, chip, chip.

  14. Go make your anti-American secular progressive movies fatso, just don’t ask for a handout from Canadian taxpayers when you do it. Now go eat another big bowl of ice cream.

  15. WhirrrrZZZZZT…secular progressive…. ZZZbrrrrrrrrr….taxpayer handout…. Whirrrrrrrr…propagandaZZZZZ…wrrrrKRUNKKRUNKKURRUNKK…
    attack….attack…ZZZzzzt…hate…(don’t think about little boys) …zzzat… bileSHEKSHEKSHEKwirrrrrrr…If Post=1; THEN COMMENT=FAT;whirrrr…smmm..

    uh oh. Somebody better hose down rainbow. Boy’s broken his programming.

    Anybody have the chip from an old Tickle Me Elmo? He had about the same number of trusted phrases. Maybe we can just pop it in? Wouldn’t want to miss enjoying the continuing meltdown…

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