CBC’s new shrink series continues to shrink in the ratings. Michael Tuesdays and Thursdays drew just 153,000 overnight, estimated Tuesday night viewers less than a week after being relocated from Wednesdays. That’s the worst performance yet for the series, heralded here as the best new comedy of the season. It’s a number that would not get it renewed–on Showcase. Three episodes in, where does CBC go from here?
The other relocated CBC series, The Debaters, managed just 155,000 at 9:30 p.m.
The problem for Michael is that there seems to  be no safe slot on any night opposite the full heat of the imported shows on the other networks. Instead of getting beat up by Survivor and Modern Family on Wednesdays, Michael got whacked Tuesday night by Global’s NCIS: Los Angeles (2,063,000) and CTV’s Dancing with the Stars results show (1,514,000). New Girl–already picked up for a full 24-episode season–also scored 617,000 at 9 on City.
Other Tuesday results: the Rick Mercer Report (874,000) fell below average for the second week in a row. 22 Minutes drew 762,000 overnight, estimated viewers.
For a change it is a Canadian series giving them a fight at 8: CTV’s Flashpoint, back strong with a new episode (1,349,000). Glee at Global was down sharply from the week before but still a timeslot winner with 1,495,000 viewers.
New drama import Unforgettable looks solid on CTV at 10, drawing 1,815,000 for its second episode.


  1. that’s 3 shows bombing under Kirstine Stewart.
    And no one alerted her to the fact that shows like Michael and Cover Me Canada were duds before they aired.

    But I’m even more interested in how SUN TV is doing 6 months in.

    And do you have any numbers for Strombo and his return to an HOUR of lifeless TV?

  2. I actually like Michael T&T a lot. It’s one of the few Canadian shows I find good and not just “Canadian” good. This is disappointing.

  3. Brioux only gave out Sun News numbers once – during Easter Sunday repeats; so wait for Thanksgiving. Or after their Toronto OTA channel’s licence and non-tiered cable system(s) simulcasted SNN carriage ends Oct 30th.

  4. Hey, CQ: SUN New numbers were reported several times by me over the first few weeks the station went on the air, here, at CP and in the Toronto Star. Want them from this week? Before they get dumped off their over-the-air window? MONDAY: Canada Live at 3 p.m. 3000 viewers (across Canada). The Source 5 p.m. 11,000. Daily Brief 6 p.m. 15,000. The Arena 7 p.m. 26,000. Charles Adler 8 p.m. 31,000. TUESDAY: Canada Live 3000. The Source 9000. Daily Brief 22,000. The Arena (Leadership debate coverage?) 34,000. All of the above Tuesday among 25-54-year-olds: either ZERO or 1000 viewers counted.
    TVO, only in Ontario, counted 80,000 2+ Tuesday 6:30-8 for for their election debate coverage; CBC 248,000. CTV 670,000.

  5. Just like real estate, TV programming is location , location , location! The CBC has failed in giving “Michael” a fighting chance. I struggle to find anything interesting to watch on Friday nights, just maybe…

  6. A shame about ‘Michael’. We find it actually entertaining and quirky for a change. Of course, this is the same network which cancelled ‘Intelligence’. So, enough said.
    Yes, Allan’s question. How come Strombo’s podcasts disappeared on iTunes?

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