Sunday, Hamilton comes to Toronto and it’s not a football game. We’re talking Linda Hamilton, the former Terminator and Beauty and the Beast star, in Toronto last year shooting a guest turn on Lost Girl. The episode, “Delinquents,” airs Sunday night at 9 p.m. on Showcase.
Hamilton is good pals with busy director Gail Harvey (Murdoch Mysteries, Republic of Doyle), who called her to come up from her farm in Virginia and play a villain on the supernatural series. Hamilton, 56, enjoyed playing a tough bounty hunter out to get Bo (Anna Silk). “Its always fun to have something a little edgy that can grow into something terrifying,” she says.
While in Toronto, Hamilton discovered the set for Lost Girl was in the same south Etobicoke ‘hood as the new CW version of Beauty and the Beast. She send a note and photos to the current Catherine and Vincent, Kristen Kreuk and Jay Ryan. “Nothing like following in someone else’s footsteps,” she jokes.
For more on Hamilton and the Lost Girl episode, follow this link to the story I wrote in Friday’s Toronto Star.

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