John Doyle (left) and me: born critics

Earlier this week, the fourth episode of The Podcast premiered. It features The Globe and Mail’s outspoken TV critic John Doyle. If you haven’t heard it yet, the hour-long episode can be found here.

John has been one of the top voices in TV criticism ever since he began contributing to the Globe’s long-gone listings magazine, Broadcast News, way back in the late ’90s. Twenty years into his run as TV critic at Canada’s national newspaper, he’s the Irish wit in the big chair, the last Canadian standing in the print and digital world of television criticism.

John’s not afraid to speak his mind. His readers get truth and strong opinion, not hype, and that’s what makes him a valuable read. If he likes your show, the way he really likes Letterkenny or Cardinal, you know you’ve earned it.

He doesn’t hold back on our podcast, either, loudly sharing his lack of confidence in the CBC’s ability, among other things, to program through this current pandemic.

Two disheveled slobs, one snappy dresser (l-r): Howie Mandel, me and John Doyle; 2007

This was the first of four brioux-tv podcasts so far that was done remotely, from home. As I said to John, no one is better suited to working through a long stretch of self-isolation than a TV critic. Our lives are spent watching TV from home and then sitting by ourselves in front of a keyboard. We’ve been social distancing way before it was a thing.

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