Saving Hope


He’s alive! It’s alive! CTV orders a second season of Saving Hope Back last June when CTV launched Saving Hope, officials at the network insisted it could go it alone should broadcast partner NBC ditch the series.True to their word, CTV not only officially renewed Hope Friday, it boosted its second season order to 18

When cooking shows, Big Brother (right) and Big Bang repeats top the ratings across Canada, it can only mean one thing—it’s summer. Even those shows failed to crack the two million mark. Viewers continue to sit out this summer season, with network ratings down double digits on Canadian and U.S.broadcast networks. With viewers taking a break,

Kunal Nayyar thanks you for watching Big Bang How hot was it? At just over two million viewers, a repeat of The Big Bang Theory topped the ratings in Canadathe week of July 2-8. Otherwise, viewers have been out frolicking in the sun. The only TV audience that seems to be growing is for baseball.

Ay carumba! Spain’s Euro 2012 soccer victory over Italyon TSN was the most watched show of the week in Canada. What’s next—euro-style bailouts? Sudden interest in David Hasselhoff? The Jays had a big week, too, as did CFL football. Live sports—and, for some strange reason, cooking shows–seem to be all TV is good for this

It’s happened. The most-watched TV show of the week in all of Canadais a soccer game (Sunday’s UEFA England/Italy tilt). Somewhere, Don Cherry weeps. Beyond TSN’s Euro 2012 coverage, the NHL Awards were still a decent draw on CBC. Summer doldrums have set in, however, and despite strong showings by domestic dramas The Listener, Saving

Here’s a shocker—a guy walking on a wire across Niagara Falls beat the final game of the Stanley Cup playoffs as the most-watched program of the week in Canada. Leafs should check to see if he can play goal. Otherwise a week full of Euro Cup soccer, NBA finals and Jays baseball booted reruns in

The cast gets the NBC numbers for Thursday night’s Saving Hope Well placed on a quiet, non-hockey night, Saving Hope opened big on CTV in Canada, drawing an overnight, estimated 1.52 million viewers.Given that the U.S. has 10 times the population, the Toronto-lensed hospital drama should have pulled 15 million NBC viewers Thursday night. Summer ratings

The stars of Saving Hope. Paging Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard… CTV sent a prescription along with their screener for tonight’s premiere episode of Saving Hope (9 p.m.). “Apply one dose of Saving Hope to dilated pupils,” it advised.It might help to already have pupils dilated from recreational drugs to best enjoy tonight’s episode. The series