Canadian Screen Awards 2018: more trophies; less viewers

Do you have Canadian Screen Week fever? Yes, the annual Canadian TV and film industry salute to itself is knee-deep in statue swapping. Very practical awards that double as ice scrapers are being distributed to everyone who over-paid for tickets to attend the multiple nightly galas. It all culminates Sunday at the main gala, broadcast on… Read on

Norm dishes Candy to happy film and TV crowd

They should always have been called The Candys, dammit. Redesign the trophy, lose the ice scraper look, give us a bust of the guy with the snake on his face. Long live The Candys. Sunday night in Toronto, the 4th annual Canadian Screen Awards was a rather straight ahead affair. The Sony Centre was well… Read on

Andrea Martin helps expose tunnel vision at the Screenies

Andrea Martin is a very funny and very brave woman. She brought her anything-for-a-laugh shtick to The Canadian Screen Awards Sunday night, spilling out of a limo at the start and exposing her blurred “lady parts” for all the world (or, at least, hundreds of viewers) to see. Martin is 68 but was rolling around… Read on

Good start for Screenies, Vikings and God

Martin Short helped the Screenies double the Gemini take Whatever one thought of the merits of Sunday’s first annual Canadian Screen Awards, they were a winner in at least one area: ratings.The two-hour broadcast drew an overnight, estimated 756,000 viewers on CBC Sunday night, about double what the Gemini or Genie Award telecasts were able… Read on

TONIGHT Canadian Screen Awards go live

The Geminis and Genies are dead. Long live the Canadian Screen Awards, or “Screenies,” which debut Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET on CBC. The public broadcaster is devoting two hours to the closing gala of the Canadian film and TV industry shindig, which originates live from the Sony Centre in downtown Toronto. Martin Short… Read on

Canadian Film and TV Awards makes Screen test

Stephenson and “The Scraper” The Geminis are dead. Long live the Canadian Screen Awards.That’s the official name of the new Canadian film and TV industry award as announced today in Toronto. Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television Chair Martin Katz and Academy CEO Helga Stephenson made the announcement Tuesday at the TIFF Bell Lightbox.Word has… Read on