jeffrey_tambor_onstage_golden_globesPASADENA, Calif.–The big winner from Sunday night’s Golden Globes may be TV viewers in Canada: they finally found out where they can see the best show on television.

Transparent is coming to shomi.

I sat on this since October after learning of the pickup while at MIPCOM in Cannes but played along with the Shaw/Rogers marketing plan. Except there never seemed to be one.

Transparent originates on Amazon Prime, a VOD platform not available in Canada but enjoyed in The U.K. and America. It’s been airing there since September. Jeffery Tambor plays the head of an eccentric California household who, dressed in women’s clothing, comes out to his grown children and hilarity–and sorrow–ensues. He gives such a committed, touching performance you can only say, “Hey now!”

Winning a GG is a big breakthrough for Amazon. Shomi had to finally capitalize on the publicity. Word is viewers can start streaming the series next month in Canada.

Another shomi pick up, Jane the Virgin, won another key GG acting honour, this time for series lead Gina Rodriguez. Canadian viewers can binge stream the CW comedy now on shomi. TCA critics sitting in front of giant monitors and covering the awards show at the hotel here in Pasadena cheered Rodriguez’ surprise win. Influential THR critic Tim Goodman singles out Jane as his favourite new show this season.


Shomi now has two strong original content carrots to dangle before consumers and its about bloody time they told folks about it.


  1. I really want Shomi now. However, there is no Shaw or Rogers internet/cable where I live. I tried signing up for it yesterday on XBox Live but then it said I need to be either a Shaw or Rogers subscriber. I could cancel my Bell satellite subscription and go for Shaw Direct satellite but truthfully, I’m about ready to give up on even paying for satellite tv. I’m almost ready to go for streaming only. It’s costing me way too much. I went and spent $200 on a new receiver with pvr cababilities with a portable hard drive and over the holidays it quit working, exactly one year and one month after I purchased it (the warranty was only for a year of course). And because I work a lot of evenings I miss out on all the shows I want to see and have to find them (using unsavoury means) online. If Shomi becomes available to everyone like Netflix is, I will subscribe. The only thing stopping me from cancelling my Bell satellite is my husband cant go without Gold Rush, Swamp People, Timber Kings and similar shows while I can’t fathom doing without certain shows found on tv currently. I really enjoy Netflix but my husband doesn’t and I also still want a way to watch my currently-airing shows. A streaming service such as Shomi or Hulu would work but that’s not possible yet for most people in the country. One other thing is that many internet providers still place data limits which means that even if we could have both Shomi and Netflix, we might not have enough data to watvh stuff from them throughout the month–like me, I might get a message on my tv screen on Day 22 of 30 saying I’ve reached my data limit and my internet speed is slowed so much, watching videos is no longer possible.

    • P.S. I saw Bill Brioux on The National tonight via Skype from Pasadena.

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