Peter Mansbridge


A quote in the Toronto Star this week grabbed Scott Thompson attention at CHML: “If the toxicity at CBC could be measured, the place would be declared a toxic zone.” Scott wanted to know if Peter Mansbridge’s days are numbered as chief anchor at the public network. An article by Vinay Menon seemed to paint

They’re still using the slogan “Canada Lives Here” at CBC. It was on-screen during the presentation reel at CBC’s 2014-15 preview Thursday in Toronto. It seems to need an addendum now:  “Canada Lives Here–They Just No Longer Work Here.” Or, “Canada Lives Here–But the Kids Never Visit.”  Or, “Canada Lives Here–Five Percent of the Time” or…this

Peter Mansbridge has been CBC’s chief news anchor for so long it is almost hard to remember who came before him. Knowlton Nash was his name, and he died on the weekend at the age of 86. I was fairly new to the TV reporting racket and working at TV Guide when Nash stepped down

Interim CBC EVP Neil “Roger” McEneaney What was missing from CBC’s 2013-14 fall launch party Wednesday was as telling as what was on display. The most obvious missing piece was Kristine Stewart. This party was planned around the EVP and showcases her schedule. When she bolted to Twitter three weeks ago, she left the party

Some bleary-eyed observations after a long night of news channel channel surfing:Moment of the night: Karl Rove refusing to concede Ohio to Obama on Fox News. The Republican rainmaker dug in his heels and lashed out at his own news network’s decision desk as they moved Ohio into the blue column late Tuesday night–handing president