Wrote a story about this guy Pablo Schreiber in an article that appeared in Thursday’s Toronto Star.
Seems he’s the half-brother of Liev Schreiber. Seems he was once on one of the best TV shows ever, The Wire. Seems he’s the busiest star on TV, or will be in just over a month when he’ll be starring or featured in four TV deals at once.
He’s currently among the players on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. He was in the season finale and will be back in the season premiere of Law & Order SVU. He plays a young attorney working for the Supreme Court in HBO’s Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight (Oct.5). Plus he’s among the stars of NBC’s remake of the old Raymond Burr series, Ironside (premiering Oct. 2 on Global).
On top of all that, he was born in Canada. So I should know all about him before I walk up to him at a press tour party and start making a fool of myself, right?
Well, sadly, no, but he was nice enough to straighten me out. Read the whole embarrassing story here.

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