This week’s CHML Talk Radio talk is all about that wacky Letterman wedding, CBC budget cuts and my trip to New York to interview Denis Leary on the set of Rescue Me. Listen as chatty Scott Thompson drag it all out of me here.
Speaking of radio, CTV announced today that they are making over Toronto’s 1050 CHUM, the “all oldies” AM radio station they acquired in that CHUM broadcasting deal, into an extension of their CP24 TV news brand. Boomers will mourn the loss of the CHUM brand, home of all those great rock ‘n’ roll DJs back in the ’60s (I still miss Bob McAdorey, bless him), but, hey, that was so 45 years ago (and at least you can still hear Roger Ashby on CHUM FM).
Still, does CP24 mean anything as a brand? It used to stand for CityPulse, which is now associated with Rogers. I had to think to remember even that (wondered if Canadian Press had anything to do with it for a minute). But, hey, broadcasting these days is all about consolidating assets and reducing payrolls and getting people to do two jobs at once. The first CP24 Breakfast radio show premieres tomorrow morning at 5:30 a.m., with dependable Ann Rohmer in the news anchor seat. Check out the CTV media release here.

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